At Perth fence we recently installed some Colorbond fencing in Como.

The original fencing was abestos which was in pretty bad shape. The above photos show the prep work needed after the removal of the asbestos fencing. The levels were different around this entire install as it is a unit complex consisting of four units and two adjoining properties.

We had to install Colorbond fencing around the entire property including all internal dividing fences.

As you can see we have had to raise the Colorond panels and use longer posts so that we can install retaining plinths.

The Colorbond fencing has now been fully installed and looks great. Each of the post holes has been filled as always with a minimum 60kg of cement. The colour of the fence is “Domain” and panels are 1790mm with extra long posts for plints.

All the customers in the complex are very happy with the end product and we have ended up being accepted for the unit complex next door.

At Perth fence our work is 1st class and a lot of our work comes from word of mouth from our happy customers.

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