Colorbond fencing Como (Ruth St)

At Perth fence we recently installed Colorbond fencing around two neighboring properties.

The original fencing was a mix of both Hardifence and Asbestos fencing and as always all the fencing was removed in a safe and effective manner.

The Colorbond fencing was 1800mm high all the way around and we used 3000mm posts on the back fence and 2700 mm posts on the side and dividing fences. We went overkill on the post length and used minimum 70kg footings as we wanted the fence to be extremely strong to support ther Aluminium retaining plinths. The rear Colorbond fence needed double Aluminium retaining plinths (300mm) due to the height difference between the two properties, and the side fences only needed single plinths.

Its is such a huge transformation and we are very proud of the end result, it looks amazing.

If you are looking to get a quote for some Colorbond fencing why not give us a call on 0405738427 or email : [email protected]